Jump Tandem

Overcome fears!
See spectacular views!
A great way to spend your weekend!

Jumping tandem is a great way to experience the thrilling excitement of freefall skydiving and the serenity of parachute flight! Whether you're after a once-in-a-lifetime experience, looking for an annual outing or you want to learn to skydive, a tandem is a great introduction to the sport.

photo: happy tandem landing

No ground school is required. After a short video and a personalized briefing with your instructor, you'll board the plane together with a parachute and harness built for two.

After a 50 second freefall from 14,500 feet, you'll enjoy a scenic 3-5 minute parachute flight before landing.

Our USPA certified professional tandem instructors will show you a great time, and available video and photography packages let you relive the jump forever.

Choose Skydive Milwaukee because we offer:

  • A fun filled customer service oriented experience
  • Highly experienced instructors with a commitment to safety
  • Instructors who take the time to ensure you have the best experience possible
  • A beautiful view of all the local lakes
  • Modern FAA certified equipment
  • Great facilities
  • Competitive individual and group pricing as low as $199!

There is a reason that Skydive Milwaukee is still around after over 50 years, we are committed to the advancement of sport skydiving and to you - our customers!

To get started with your reservation, make sure that you check out all the requirements, and then call our office!

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