Learn to Skydive: Accelerated Freefall

What is AFF?

AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) is the course required to jump your own parachute. It starts with a First Jump Course, where we teach you all of the essential skills to jump, fly, and land your own parachute--don't worry, we'll be connected through radio the entire time. When you're ready, and you've completed the requirements, you'll be free to jump solo!



AFF Instructor

At Skydive Milwaukee our AFF Learn to Skydive Program was created to give you the full experience of both freefall and canopy flight. Our program starts with a 4-6 hour class that teaches the basic safety principles needed for solo skydiving. Exiting an aircraft, basic body position, deploying and flying a parachute, and other safety procedures.

You'll then take to the skies with two USPA-certified instructors using state-of-the-art student equipment. Your instructors will accompany you for the entire 60-second freefall from 14,500 feet and watch you deploy your own parachute at the proper altitude. Once under canopy, you'll guide yourself in for landing.

Then, when your adrenaline rush is under control, your instructors will review the skydive with you and begin preparing you for your next jump.

Class is held at 7 AM every Saturday (Reservation Required)
Other classes available by appointment.

All our basic requirements apply.

Our Program Teaches

  • Safety Procedures
  • Parachute Flight Basics
  • Landing Patterns
  • Freefall Body Positions Including
    • Forward, Sideways and Backwards Flight
    • Turning
    • Tracking
    • Flips
    • Rolls
    • Dives
  • Beginning Formation Flying
  • Fall Rate Changes
  • Introductory Freeflying (Feet First / Sit-Flying)
  • And a whole lot more!




Accelerated Freefall Program Pricing


Item Rate
First Jump Course $75
Student Program Levels 1-3 $289
Student Program Levels 4-8 $199
Student Program Level 9 $139
Student Program Levels 10-24 $109
Student Program Level 25 Check Dive $139
Total Program Cost $3850


Why Choose Us?

Choose Skydive Milwaukee because we offer:

  • A fun filled customer service oriented experience
  • Highly experienced instructors with a commitment to safety
  • Instructors who take the time to ensure you have the best experience possible
  • A beautiful view of all the local lakes
  • Modern FAA certified equipment
  • Great facilities
  • Competitive individual and group pricing as low as $199!

There is a reason that Skydive Milwaukee is still around after over 50 years, we are committed to the advancement of sport skydiving and to you - our customers!

Video and Photo Packages

You'll only make your first skydive once. Relive the adventure, and share it with family and friends!

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Skydive Gift Certificate

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  • All skydivers must meet all our basic requirements. There are NO exceptions to any of our requirements.
  • All prices include all applicable taxes, fees, and equipment.
  • Certificates are transferable but not refundable.
  • All skydivers must be at least 18 years old and show a valid photo ID prior to jumping.