About Us

The Sky Knights are a sport parachute club that has been training first jump students since 1963. Some of our current members have been here since the beginning!

Skydive Milwaukee™ is the dropzone owned and operated by the club in East Troy, WI. We are the only Skydive Milwaukee on the web that is an actual DZ — watch out for "gift-certificate"-peddling impostors.

You'll hear people refer to us as "Skydive Milwaukee" and "Sky Knights" interchangeably — including ourselves.


Why us?


  • Easy drive from Milwaukee, Chicago, and Madison - we're home to jumpers from each area
  • Our staff adheres to all FAA and USPA rules and recommendations.
  • State-of-the-art FAA-certified student equipment equipped with automatic reserve activation devices.
  • A commitment to safety and positive customer experiences
  • Our classrooms and lounge area are heated or cooled to offer a comfortable environment year-round.
  • Easy access from I-43 just a half hour southwest of Milwaukee
  • Restaurants, hotels, campgrounds, convenience, and grocery stores, pubs, and even lake access are all within a 5-minute drive.
  • Paved runway for year-round operation

Skydive Milwaukee has the warmth and personality of a close-knit small-town dropzone, with the comfort and amenities of a large skydiving center. Whether you're thinking of taking up the sport as a fully certified skydiver, or you just want to know why the birds sing -- this is your drop zone.


Our Facilities


  • Free WIFI
  • The front office will get you checked in and also provides information, jump ticket sales, gift certificates, clothing, and equipment. We're here to help.
  • Several club members are equipment dealers and can order everything from complete skydiving rigs, canopies, helmets, and altimeters to custom-fitted jumpsuits.
  • On-site shower facilities.
  • Large covered packing shed.
  • Ample picnic tables and two gas grills.
  • Secondary parking for busy days.
  • Spectator deck - the best place to view landing jumpers.


Our Aircraft


For safety, aircraft boarding takes place beyond the fenced border of our backyard.
(No spectators past the brick line, please!)

Skydive Milwaukee operates professionally maintained aircraft which meet all Federal Aviation Regulations and are set up specifically for skydiving.

Our primary jumpship is a Pacific Aerospace PAC750 X-STOL which can take up to 15 skydivers to jump altitude in 15 minutes or less. The PAC750 is one of the few aircraft specifically designed with skydiving operations in mind.

Skydive Milwaukee has been jumping from a PAC750 since 2005 and remains the only skydiving center in Southeast Wisconsin to operate with a modern jumpship.

Faithfully operating in all 4 seasons, the club's Cessna 182, "Yankee," is our beloved workhorse. More skydivers have jumped from small Cessnas than any other aircraft.



Sky Knights Sport Parachute Club


The Sky Knights are a sport parachute club that has been training first jump students since 1963. Some of our current members have been here since the beginning!


Purpose Statement


  1. To encourage unity, cooperation, education, and good sportsmanship in sport parachuting among Club members.
  2. To promote and encourage safety and to enforce existing safety Regulations of State, Local, and Federal authorities and the United States Parachute Association (USPA).
  3. To operate a drop zone with the intent of training new skydivers and providing a place for experienced skydivers to jump.

Members of Sky Knights are entitled to a discount on jumps, voting privileges, and a discount on a tandem or an AFF to pass along to a close friend.

Applicants for membership must hold a current United States Parachute Association membership, have at least an “A” license and have submitted to one of the Board of Directors an initiation fee of ten (10) dollars.


Current Board of Directors


  • Mary Goetsh, President
  • Sean Plastine, Vice President
  • Tyler Pulliam, Treasurer
  • Kerstin LaBuda, Secretary
  • Anthony Silverman, I'm here too!

Contact members of the board by emailing bod@skydivemilwaukee.com