Our standard pricing is some of the best in the industry, but make sure you check out our group rates below as well! All prices are per person and include all necessary equipment, taxes and fees.

Video Prices

  Handcam Pictures Outside Video Extreme Video
  $69 $129 $159
  One Camera Two Cameras Three Cameras
Gearing Up  
Boarding Plane  
In-plane Footage  

Tandem Pricing

Tandem Rates

Tandem Skydive - Walk-in $299
Tandem Skydive - With Reservation $249
Ultimate Tandem* $369

Tandem Discounts

Early Bird Tandem Special*
(check-in times 7:20am - 8:00am, Sat/Sun only)
Weekday Tandem*
(Tue-Fri only)
College Student Tandem
(must show current college ID at check-in)
Military Tandem
(must show military ID at check-in)

* These items not available in off-season

Our weight limit is 250 lbs, and we weigh all tandem customers at check-in.

We charge tandem customers weighing 200 - 225 lbs an additional $20 and tandem customers weighing 226 - 250 lbs an additional $40 due to increased wear and tear on equipment and instructors.

Group Rates

Substantial discounts are available for Tandem groups!

How do group rates work?

See our reservations page for all the information. 

Tandem Group Rates

Group Size Group Rate
3-4 $219
5-8 $209
9+ $199

Group rates are determined by the number of jumpers present on the day of the jump

AFF Learn to Skydive Pricing

First Jump Course $50
Student Program Levels 1-3 $219
Student Program Levels 4-8 $169
Student Program Level 9 $99
Student Program Levels 10-24 $89
Student Program Level 25 Check Dive $99
Total Program Cost $3085

All jumps include 1-on-1 training with a USPA Certified Coach or Instructor who will jump with you on your skydive.

Experienced Jumper Pricing

Full altitude $26
Hop & pop $26

These are standard rates. Members of Sky Knights Sport Parachute Club may receive some jump rate benefits.