Video Prices

Handcam Pictures Handcam Video Outside Video Extreme Video
$99 $119 $169 $199
One Camera (pictures only) One Camera (video only) Two Cameras (video and pictures) Three Cameras (video and pictures)
Gearing Up
Boarding Plane
In-plane Footage
Available for Tandem Jumps
Available for AFF Jumps


Tandem Pricing

Weekend Tandem


Reservation required (Saturday and Sunday only).

Book now with a $50 deposit and pay the balance on the day of your jump.

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Weekday Tandem


Reservation required (Monday through Friday only).

Book now with a $50 deposit and pay the balance on the day of your jump.

Book Now Discounts

Walk-In Tandem


No reservation required. Subject to availability. Discounts are not applicable.

Get Directions


Discounts (available for pre-booked jumps only)

Discounts applied on the day of your jump. Only one discount is allowed per person.

Early Bird Tandem Special


(check-in times 7:20am - 8:00am only)

College Student Tandem


(must show current college ID at check-in)

Military Tandem


(must show military ID at check-in)

Small Group

3-4 people

$269 per person

Medium Group

5-8 people

$259 per person

Large Group

9+ people

$249 per person



Accelerated Freefall Program Pricing


Item Rate
First Jump Course $75
Student Program Levels 1-3 $289
Student Program Levels 4-8 $199
Student Program Level 9 $139
Student Program Levels 10-24 $109
Student Program Level 25 Check Dive $139
Total Program Cost $3850



Experienced Jumper Pricing


Item Rate
Full Altitude $34 (Cessna - $32)
Hop & Pop $34 (Cessna - $28)
Rig Rental $44 per jump

These are standard rates. Members of Sky Knights Sport Parachute Club may receive some jump rate benefits.


Jump Packages Jump More, Save More

25 Jump Package


$33 per jump


50 Jump Package


$32 per jump


100 Jump Package


$31 per jump


Members of Sky Knights Sport Parachute Club may receive discounted packages.

Contract Stipulations

  1. Contract must be returned to the Skydive Milwaukee office and approved in order to take effect.
  2. Individuals must use all jumps before the end of the 2024 season. Any jump that is not used will be forfeited and voided from your Sky Knights Account.
  3. Package offer will be void if check is returned. You may be liable for associated check fees.
  4. Jumps cannot be transferred to another person.
  5. Skydive Milwaukee reserves the right to refuse or revoke discounted jumps to anyone for any reason at any time.
  6. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  7. All credit card transactions are subject to a 3% processing fee.

Skydive Gift Certificate

Gift Certificates

Finding a creative gift can be hard. We can help. Skydiving is a gift they'll never forget!

Buy online now and your certificate is presented immediately after payment!

  • All skydivers must meet all our basic requirements. There are NO exceptions to any of our requirements.
  • All prices include all applicable taxes, fees, and equipment.
  • Certificates are transferable but not refundable.
  • All skydivers must be at least 18 years old and show a valid photo ID prior to jumping.