Video and Picture Packages: Highlights

Thanks for checking out our videos, below is a highlight reel from our dropzone. If you came here looking for your video use the search tool on the right.

See below for information about purchasing a video and picture package when making your skydive!

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Video and Photo Package Information

We offer three different video and photo packages uniquely tailored just for you.

freefall videography

The first package, outside video, is where one of our professional videographer's will accompany you for your entire jump and capture both pictures and video of your skydive and plane ride. We will then edit your video and set it to music and deliver it to you, via a convenient web download. The cost for this package is only $99. For an additional $10, we will mail you a DVD copy.

Another package, Handcam, shows your jump from an inside perspective. Your tandem instructor will wear a camera on their wrist which can take either pictures OR video. The cost of the pictures is $65 and the video is $75. Please note that you may be out of frame for brief periods of time while your instructor performs the safety maneuvers during the skydive.

The final package, extreme video, is a combination of both our inside and outside video packages. You get the jump from 2 different angles! The cost is $135 for a convenient web download and an additional $10 for a DVD copy.

Relive your adventure and share it with family and friends! Your video will be posted to our website for up to a year and can be shared directly to many forms of social media. You will receive your digital still pictures on a Skydive Milwaukee flash drive.

Video Prices

  • Outside video with web download $99
  • Outside video with DVD copy $109
  • Inside handcam pictures $65
  • Inside handcam video $75
  • Extreme Video with web download $135
  • Extreme Video with DVD copy $145